Session 1: Augmentation of Human Body and Gestures

    Wednesday, 20 November

    14:30 - 15:30

    Exhibition Hall 3G

    Jointonation: Robotization of the Human Body by Vibrotactile Feedback
    (Best Demo Voted by Program Committee)

    Movies, comics and video games frequently involve robotic heroes composed of metallic parts. Although these characters exist only in the realm of fantasy, many of us would be interested in becoming them, or becoming like them. The question therefore ...

    Data-driven Suggestions for Portrait Posing
    (Best Demo Voted by Attendees)

    This work introduces an easy-to-use creativity support tool for portrait posing, which is an important but challenging problem in portrait photography. While it is well known that a collection of sample poses is a source of inspiration, manual ...

    A Mixed-Reality Showcase for Multiple Users from Unconstrained Viewing Angles

    An ideal showcase should allow its viewers not only see the display object clearly, but also obtain sufficient information of the object by static texts or dynamic images. In this work, we proposed a novel mixed-reality showcase that is able to ...

    Comix: beyond: Evoking Multiple Emotions using Pseudo Body Responses Depending on the Context

    The goal of this study is evoking multiple emotions by presenting combinations of sensory stimulus based on the contexts in contents such as a comic as if the user feels those as their own real bodily responses. Recent psychology researchers have ...