Computer Animation Festival

    01 Full Conference
    (Animation Theater and 
    Electronic Theater)
    03 Basic Conference
    (Animation Theater Only)


    The premier and most innovative computer animation festival in the world. An internationally recognized jury receives hundreds of submissions and presents the best work of the year in daily Animation Theater and Electronic Theater screenings.

    Selections include outstanding achievements in time-based art, scientific visualization, visual effects, real-time graphics, and narrative shorts.

    Computer Animation Festival Director

    Jinny Choo
    ONCOMM & Korea National University of Arts (K'ARTS)
    South Korea

    Computer Animation Festival Chair

    Desmond Chan
    Dracco Company Ltd
    Hong Kong


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    Computer Animation Festival Schedule


    Animation Theater


    An in-depth exploration of the world of animation, visual effects, and scientific visualization over the last year. In the Animation Theater, all-day shows present outstanding works from around the world selected by the Computer Animation Festival's jury.


    Electronic Theater

    A two-hour overview filled with the best animations, visual effects, and scientific visualizations produced in the last year. The jury assembled this show to represent the must-see works in computer graphics for 2013.


    Production Sessions

    Learn how world-class creative and production talents created the computer animation and visual effects in some of the latest and most successful productions.


    Special Education Talk

    Get an insight to the challenges that collaborative projects face through a talk conducted by industry professionals from leading animation and design schools in Asia. Co-organized by Korea Graph, Korea National University of Arts, Tokyo National University of the Arts and Communication University of China.