Business Symposium

    Separate Registration Required at HKD 3,300 per Admission


    Tuesday, 19 November 2013 | 09:00 - 18:30 | Room S221


    SIGGRAPH Asia’s inaugural Business Symposium is programmed around the key issues Hito, Mono and Kane.

    The concept of Hito recognizes that people are the most important element and resource of our industry. In the Symposium, speakers and panelists will discuss what the industry’s needs are, and how educational programs in schools and enterprises are trying to match them.

    In Mono, speakers and panelists will explore the various angles of how people are trying to reach out to the market, and how content creation can benefit from them, or rather, how content creation must change to adapt to market trends.

    In Kane, the Symposium will feature speakers that introduce how the initiatives above can be funded, either in the form of corporate or project financing, and/or national subsidies.

    The Symposium is meant to be an interactive dialogue between stakeholders in the content creation industries. It offers attendees an intense, productive day, focusing on key issues happening in the industry which is going through challenging and character-changing times. With the diversity of attendees that SIGGRAPH Asia attracts, the Symposium will be a unique forum where leaders from the different sectors in the content creation industries and research fields will cross paths.


    The Business Symposium will further facilitate a day of networking and inspiration for approximately 10 studio leaders and facility executives in the production and creative communities, investment bankers, lawyers, and various government representatives who want to move beyond the constant disruption happening all around us. With your participation, the day will provide invaluable insights and conversation from across the SIGGRAPH Asia communities.

    Representatives of the news media will attend by invitation only. To ensure our tradition of open, frank, and unfiltered conversations, no speakers or attendees will be quoted without their permission.


    Click here for the Symposium Program at a Glance.

    To reserve your seat at the Business Symposium, please register here. All completed registration forms should be returned via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .