Visa Information

    1) Do I need a visa/entry permit to attend SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 in Hong Kong?
    Nationals of about 170 countries and territories may visit Hong Kong without a visa/entry for a period ranging from 7 days to 180 days. For more information on visa/entry permit requirements for visitors to the HKSAR, you may refer to the Visit Visa/Entry Permit Requirements for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region webpage.

    2) I need to apply for a visa. Which documents do I need to submit?
    Visa requirements vary with each country. If you require a visa, please contact your country's embassy for more information.

    3) When and how should I extend my visa?
    Please click here for information regarding visa extension. You may also visit the Hong Kong immigration website to learn more about visa/entry permits.

    4) Is there a letter from SIGGRAPH Asia to verify my attendance to the event?
    SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 has prepared a generic acknowledgement letter in editable PDF format for attendees to fill in their details such as Name, Affiliation, etc. Click here to download the form. This letter is to be presented together with a printed copy of your registration confirmation as proof of your attendance to SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 in Hong Kong.

    5) I need an invitation letter from SIGGRAPH Asia to apply for a visa. How can I get it?
    Please visit this page and fill in all information fields. Important note: Only completed forms will be processed.

    6) Which endorsement should I apply for if I am applying for an EEP (Entry/Exit Permit)?
    You may apply for an EEP as a visitor to enter the country. No form of documentation is required.

    7) I am an exhibitor at SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 and I want to enter Hong Kong as a visitor,
    a) Can I construct my own booth?

    No, a lawfully employed contractor should be employed to construct exhibition booths.

    b) Can I sell goods directly to the general public at exhibitions/trade fairs (including receiving money from purchasers)?
    No. Although exhibitors entering the country as visitors are allowed to participate in promotions of products/services, direct sales are not allowed. Legally employed staff should be hired for direct selling.

    8) Is an exhibitor from outside of Hong Kong required to apply for an employment visa/entry permit?
    It depends on the activities to be performed by the exhibitor. If activities are business promotions and will not involve direct sale of goods or supply of services to the general public, or constructing exhibition booths, the exhibitor is not required to apply for an employment visa/entry permit.

    9) How can mainland residents who want to enter Hong Kong participate in exhibitions/trade fairs apply for the required travel documentation?
    Mainland residents may apply for an Exit-Entry Permit (EEP) which is valid for 7 days. If you wish to stay beyond 7 days, you may:
    a) Apply for two 7-day-endorsements where you stay in Hong Kong for 7 days then go to Hong Kong/Shenzhen port exit and enter HK again, then stay for another 7 days.
    b) Apply for extension of your stay in HK. After arriving in Hong Kong, go to the immigration department (7 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai) to apply for an extension.

    10) I arrived in Hong Kong on 1 January 2013. After the immigration clearance, I was given permission to land and remain as a visitor for seven days from the date of entry. Can I stay in Hong Kong until 7 January or 8 January 2013?
    You are allowed to stay in Hong Kong until 8 January 2013. Your seven days stay allowance is counted from the day after the date of entry to Hong Kong.