The Virtuale Exhibition

    The Virtuale Exhibition - Digital Art Weeks at SIGGRAPH Asia 2013
    “The Virtuale Exhibition” stands for Virtual Biennale and is brought to you by Digital Art Weeks International via SIGGRAPH Asia. The Virtuale Exhibition is an exhibition of Augmented Reality (AR) artworks for public space using new digital tools not only to view the artworks and to interact with them, but also to design the experience of participation itself. The exhibition encompasses artworks using AR and focuses on the use of public space, mobile communication technologies, and explores the types of audiences found in public space, as well as inventing “playful” new strategies to bring the public into the exhibit as “real” visitors being offered a unique experience.


    The goal of The Virtuale Exhibition is to use publically engaging art to add a cultural flair to commercial business districts by placing digital creative accents, enliven and mark historical centers and niches around the city, and link hot spots with urban connectivity into a city-wide virtual arts space, inviting the public to explore the borders between the real and the virtual using their mobiles as a looking glass while expanding their notion of what constitutes exhibition space and how art can manifest and be enjoyed in public space.


    The Virtuale Exhibition was curated by Arthur Clay from ETHZ Zurich, Switzerland.


    Instructions for Viewing
    About the Exhibition: Welcome to Hong Kong’s premier Augmented Reality exhibition! Virtual artworks by artists from around the world can be seen throughout the city at the locations on the guide map using your mobile device. With The Virtuale Exhibition, the screen of your mobile device becomes a window into a fantastic world of creativity that expands notions of how art can be exhibited and enjoyed in public space.

    Instructions: To view the artwork at any of the locations, use the Layar scan function to read the QR code indicated for that artwork. Download the free Layar AR Browser.


    Click here to view all works on display at the The Virtuale Exhibition.