Mobile Graphics

    Thursday, 21 November

    14:00 - 15:15

    Room S226 + S227

    Coarse-grained Multiresolution Structures for Mobile Exploration of Gigantic Surface Models

    We discuss our experience in creating scalable systems for distributing and rendering gigantic 3D surfaces on web environments and common handheld devices. Our methods are based on compressed streamable coarse-grained multiresolution structures. By ...

    Real-Time Ray Tracing on Future Mobile Computing Platform

    In this work, we present a novel mobile computing platform for mobile ray tracing in which a fast compact hardware accelerator and a flexible programmable shader are combined. Our platform has two key features: 1) an area-efficient parallel ...

    osgGap: Scene Graph Library for Mobile based on Hybrid Web App Framework

    We introduce a novel scene graph library for mobile based on hybrid mobile web framework, called ‘osgGap (OpenSceneGraph with PhoneGap)’. The osgGap enables programmers to develop 3D apps using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3, instead of mobile ...