“SIGGRAPH Asia gives us the chance to meet a lot of people from the Asian region.  We meet with users of our products, friends, and partners. Throughout the event, we get to exchange knowledge and ideas and get a better understanding of their needs and expectations. SIGGRAPH Asia is well-organised, well-targeted and gives us the opportunity to meet with people of different levels from students to freelancers to executives from the big studios.”


    Maya Traykova, Marketing Specialist, Chaos Group



    “SIGGRAPH Asia and SIGGRAPH are one of the most important events of the year for the industry. It doesn’t matter where it is held, we must participate in it. SIGGRAPH Asia has done exactly what we want to do - send the message out about our presence and attract the right people. It has shown attendees everything that we want them to see. Our experience at SIGGRAPH Asia has been great; from preparation with vendors to interaction with the team, it has been a pleasure and that is a great success for us.”


    Nathan McGuinness, Creative Director & Senior VFX Supervisor, Double Negative



    “At SIGGRAPH Asia, we showcased our innovative and state-of-the-art Visual Computing Solutions to key players in Asia and beyond. We also had the opportunity to benchmark our Visual Computing Solutions and gather valuable insights from key industry experts. As one of Asia’s most prestigious Computer Graphics conference, SIGGRAPH Asia presented a collaborative platform, which in turn translated into potential new research project opportunities with industrial partners. The well-organised schedule of events and enthusiastic support from the SIGGRAPH Asia team also provided us with an excellent and engaging experience in terms of knowledge-sharing and personal enrichment with other like-minded individuals and professionals over the event days.”


    Gerald Lui, Senior Assistant Director, Fraunhofer IDM@NTU Singapore Team



    “SIGGRAPH Asia, along with SIGGRAPH, is the biggest and most attractive computer graphics event in the world. Besides bringing together industry professionals from all over the world to share their greatest achievements, it has helped us meet potential business partners from Asia that we want to meet. Organizing the exhibition and the exhibitor talks and sessions within the same hall is a very strategic move, as the people who visit us are both interested in business partnerships and learning about cutting-edge technology advancements. Many of the contacts we established have led to actual business deals, and we have also received feedback that has helped us to improve our innovations.”


     Kyehyun Kim, Researcher, Visual Media Lab, KAIST



    “Our business is international and our production is distributed across the world.  A big part of the RenderMan division of Pixar's business is in Asia so SIGGRAPH Asia is a natural place for us to be at. Not only is this an Asia-centric event, it's also something we've always supported. In Asia, probably more than in North America or even Europe, it helps to have a central event which has the power to draw people from surrounding countries and territories into one location and this is what SIGGRAPH Asia does for us. “


    Chris Ford, Business Director, Pixar's RenderMan®



    “It's been a very consistently positive experience throughout for us at SIGGRAPH Asia. We find the organization to be very sympathetic, very co-operative and understanding towards our needs. We also have a great relationship with the organising group of SIGGRAPH Asia. SIGGRAPH Asia represents a venue where the Asian community gets to gather. It's a convenient venue for us to gain exposure and build relationships with various stakeholders and participants from the industry.”


    Richard Hamel, VP of Marketing & Sales, Side Effects Software



    “SIGGRAPH Asia is a great meeting point for people interested in our products and technologies. It has helped us to reach our objective of making our technologies known to those in the industry, and given us the opportunity to meet customers, current and prospective business partners, and industry advisor


    Salvatore Gabaï, International Sales Manager, TechViz



    “Being at SIGGRAPH Asia has helped us to liaise with, commune and learn from the top industry professionals of the world. Participating at SIGGRAPH Asia is necessary as it allows us to meet with the next generation of industry professionals who may be or are looking for the best educational training facilities in the world.”


    Janet Cacchioni, Director of Admissions, VanArts