Review Form

    1. Description

    Briefly describe the paper and its contribution to computer graphics and interactive techniques. Please give your assessment of the scope and magnitude of the paper's contribution.

    2. Clarity of Exposition

    Is the exposition clear? How could it be improved?

    3. Quality of References

    Are the references adequate? List any additional references that are needed.

    4. Reproducibility

    Could the work be reproduced from the information in the paper? Are all important algorithmic or system details discussed adequately? Are the limitations and drawbacks of the work clear?

    5. Rating

    Please rate this paper on a continuous scale from 1 to 5, where:
    1 = Definitely reject. I would protest strongly if it's accepted.
    2 = Probably reject. I would argue against this paper.
    3 = Possibly accept, but only if others champion it.
    4 = Probably accept. I would argue for this paper.
    5 = Definitely accept. I would protest strongly if it's not accepted.

    Please base your rating on the paper as it was submitted.

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    7. Explanation of Rating

    Explain your rating by discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the submission. Include suggestions for improvement and publication alternatives, if appropriate. Be thorough -- your explanation will be of highest importance for any committee discussion of the paper and will be used by the authors to improve their work. Be fair -- the authors spent a lot of effort to prepare their submission, and your evaluation will be forwarded to them during the rebuttal period.

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