Technical Briefs

    Interactive Techniques

    Friday, 22 November

    14:15 - 16:00

    Room S223

    Crowdsourcing Facial Expressions Using Popular Gameplay

    BeFaced is a facial expression tablet game that enables massive crowdsourcing of targeted facial expressions to build a large high quality dataset for the advancement of affective computing. BeFaced uses the psychological draw of popular tile-matching gameplay coupled with a dynamic facial expression recognition engine to balance gameplay.

    Chek Tien Tan, University of Technology, Sydney
    Daniel Rosser, University of Technology, Sydney
    Natalie Harrold, University of Technology, Sydney

    Interactive Art “The Qi of Calligraphy”: Dance and Imprint

    In Chinese calligraphy, the concept of “promoting the circulation of qi” enables Chinese characters to express the essence, qi, and spirit of the calligrapher through the proper use of force and speed. As a result, the emotions and soul of the calligrapher are recorded in a work of Chinese calligraphy.

    Helin Luo, National Taiwan University

    A Study on the Degrees of Freedom in Touchless Interaction

    Touchless interfaces have not yet been tailored to interact with 3D data, since it requires at least three DOF. We present a user study in which a mouse-based interface has been compared with two Kinect-based touchless interfaces that allow users to interact with up to nine DOF

    Luigi Gallo, National Research Council of Italy

    Data-driven Suggestions for Portrait Posing

    With the help of a consumer-level depth sensor, our technique automatically produces data-driven posing suggestions, which can serve as either visual guidance or stimulate creativity for portrait photographers. Our tool greatly helps unskilled photographers create aesthetically pleasing portraits with diversity.

    Hongbo Fu, City University of Hong Kong
    Xiaoguang Han, City University of Hong Kong
    Quoc Huy Phan, City University of Hong Kong