Technical Briefs

    Mixed Media

    Friday, 22 November

    09:00 - 10:45

    Room S223

    Information-Geometric Lenses for Multiple Foci+Contexts Interfaces

    We present a new set of 2D/3D modeling and visualization techniques building upon recent information geometric works, with desirable properties like seamless multiple foci+contexts abilities, keeping of meaningful topological features and tangible shapes, excellent Euclidean approximation near the

    We report on experiments on 2D and 3D interfaces.

    Richard Nock, Universite Antilles-Guyane
    Frank Nielsen, Sony CSL

    MultiMosaic: Simultaneous Visualization of Multiple Images for Near and Far Viewers Using Image Mosaic and Saliency Map

    This paper proposes an approach to show different images to near and far viewers by using an image mosaic method. By using a saliency map of each image, it became possible to provide acceptable visibility for both the far-image and the near-images.

    Hideki Koike, The University of Electro-Communications
    Yuta Suzuki,The University of Electro-Communications

    The Shading Probe: Fast Appearance Acquisition for Mobile AR

    We design a novel light probe and exploit its structure to permit an efficient reformulation of the rendering equation that is suitable for fast shading of embedded virtual objects in augmented reality. We also tailor the shading probe's structure to common lighting scenarios, while achieving practical performance on mobiles.

    Dan Andrei Calian, University College London
    Jan Kautz, University College London
    Kenny Mitchell, Disney Research Zürich
    Derek Nowrouzezahrai, University of Montreal

    Motion Indexing of Different Emotional States using LMA Components

    This paper addresses the motion indexing and classification problem. A variety of features that encode motion using LMA are used to extract motion qualities of acted dance performances. The importance of the features was evaluated using PCA; an SVM was introduced to classify movements with regards to the performer emotion.

    Andreas Aristidou, University Of Cyprus
    Yiorgos Chrysanthou, University Of Cyprus