Mobile Interaction

    Wednesday, 20 November

    14:00 - 15:10

    Room S223

    Konashi A Physical Computing Toolkit for Smartphones and Tablets

    In recent years, along with the advancement of science and technology, technologies have come to be packaged as a “black box,” with their inner workings hidden. These technologies provide many services to us through the ubiquitous terminal by ...

    A SMS-based Application Store for Emerging Market: A Case Study

    The proliferation of mobile applications for smartphones has been based on the presence of a data connection between those devices and the Internet. Therefore, users of entry-level mobile phones as well as users who cannot afford a data plan are ...

    ContextPlayer: Learning Contextual Music Preferences for Situational Recommendations

    Music listening is a very personal and situational behaviour, which suggests that contextual information could be used to greatly enhance music recommendation experience. However, making such use of mobile context, while learning user profiles, is a ...