Wednesday, 20 November

    09:00 - 18:00

    Convention Hall Foyer

    Animating Impossible Figure from Twisted Torus to Penrose Stairs

    We have applied the method of creating an optical illusion based on optical illusion objects to Penrose Stairs, and realized the interactive rotating animation of impossible figure. We have shown that our proposed method can be generally used to the impossible figures derived from impossible rectangle twisted torus figures.

    Kana Nakatsu, Tokyo Denki University
    Tokiichiro Takahashi, Tokyo Denki University
    Tomoaki Moriya, Tokyo Denki University

    Animating Wet Hair Interacting with Particle-Based Fluid

    This paper tackles the problem of modeling the behavior of hair influenced by fluid. The dynamics of each hair strand is simulated by taking into consideration the external forces exerted by fluid. The hair clumping effect is simulated in a clumping process at the end of each time step.

    Gene Lin, TWR Entertainment
    Wei-Kai Liao, TWR Entertainment
    Chao-Hua Lee, TWR Entertainment