Session 2: Feel Soft!

    Thursday, 21 November

    14:00 - 14:45

    Exhibition Hall 3G

    Cuddly: Enchant Your Soft Objects with a Mobile Phone

    We are surrounded by soft objects such as plush toys, cushions etc. in our daily lives. People often hug soft objects when they are feeling emotional. From the psychological point of view, soft objects can highly influence people’s lives and ...

    ZZZoo Pillows: Sense of Sleeping Alongside Somebody

    We propose the “ZZZoo Pillows” for resolving the issue of sleep deprivation. This system is a huggable pillow which expands and contracts similar to how the human chest does when breathing. Furthermore, warmth is provided by warm water ...

    D-FLIP: Dynamic & Flexible Interactive PhotoShow

    D-FLIP provides a new algorithm to interactively enjoy a large collection of photos with friends, family, and colleagues. Photos are displayed and arranged dynamically using different principles, which can be flexibly organized, replaced, or added ...