Session 3: Displays -Technical Innovations

    Thursday, 21 November

    14:45 - 15:30

    Exhibition Hall 3G

    Garden Agua

    Levitation refers to the process of floating in the air in a stable position without physical contact points against gravity. This was a mysterious phenomenon anyone has wanted to experience once, from long before. Such wishes are expressed in the ...

    Polka Dot – The Garden of Water Spirits

    Physical and tangible representations of information have provided users with intuitive interactions in which users can control the information through the tangible controls using their hands. In these techniques, flexible materials such as clay ...

    Restive Shadow: Animating Invisible Shadows for Expanding Shadowgraph Experience

    The primary contribution of this paper is to construct a system for entertainment with wonder shadows. In this system, shadows that behave different to these in our ordinary life. Though an object that is illuminated by a light looks like a black ...