Fast, Cheap and Out-of-Core Rendering

    Friday, 22 November

    11:00 - 12:45

    Convention Hall B

    On-the-Fly Multi-Scale Infinite Texturing from Example

    We present a framework for on-the-fly by-example non-periodic infinite texturing, relying on patches whose content is seamlessly changed at runtime. Multi-scale texturing is smartly integrated, as well as relief enhancement. We moreover propose an intuitive interactive tool for creating height maps from textures.

    Kenneth Vanhoey, Université De Strasbourg - Icube
    Basile Sauvage, Université De Strasbourg - Icube
    Frédéric Larue, Université De Strasbourg - Icube
    Jean-Michel Dischler, Université De Strasbourg - Icube

    Anisotropic Spherical Gaussians

    We present anisotropic Spherical Gaussians (ASGs), which are much more effective and efficient in representing anisotropic spherical functions than Spherical Gaussians (SGs). We have derived closed-form integral, product and convolution operators for ASGs. ASGs can be adapted in existing SG-based applications, benefitting their scalability in handling anisotropic effects.

    Kun Xu, Tsinghua University
    Wei-Lun Sun, Tsinghua University
    Zhao Dong, Cornell University
    Dan-Yong Zhao, Tsinghua University
    Run-Dong Wu, Tsinghua University
    Shi-Min Hu, Tsinghua University

    GPU-based Out-of-Core Many-Lights Rendering

    We present a GPU-based out-of-core many-lights rendering approach. To efficiently render global illumination effects in scenes with out-of-core geometry and lights, we formulate the data management as a graph traversal optimization problem and develop a GPU-based algorithm.

    Rui Wang, Zhejiang University
    Yuchi Huo, Zhejiang University
    Yazhen Yuan, Zhejiang University
    Kun Zhou, Zhejiang University
    Wei Hua, Zhejiang University
    Hujun Bao, Zhejiang University

    Linear Efficient Antialiased Displacement and Reflectance Mapping

    We present Linear Efficient Antialiased Displacement and Reflectance (LEADR) mapping, a reflectance filtering technique for displacement mapped surfaces. Combined with an adaptive meshing scheme, it provides the very first seamless and GPU friendly multi-resolution surface representation for high quality rendering in real time.

    Jonathan Dupuy, Universite de Lyon 1 (Laboratoire d'Informatique en Image et Systemes d'information) - Universite de Montreal (LIGUM)
    Eric Heitz, INRIA
    Jean-Claude Iehl, Universite de Lyon1 (Laboratoire d'Informatique en Image et Systemes d'information)
    Pierre Poulin, Universite de Montreal (LIGUM)
    Fabrice Neyret, Institute National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique
    Victor Ostromoukhov, Universite de Lyon1 (Laboratoire d'Informatique en Image et Systemes d'information )