Mixed Media and Interaction

    Wednesday, 20 November

    09:00 - 18:00

    Convention Hall Foyer

    Pond of Illusion: Interacting through Mixed Reality

    Pond of Illusion is a mixed reality installation where a virtual space (the pond) is injected between two real spaces each with its own display and Kinect camera. Users feed virtual fish with virtual breadcrumbs by throw gestures.

    Morten Nobel-Joergensen, Technical University of Denmark
    Jannik Boll Nielsen, Technical University of Denmark
    Mikkel Damgaard Olsen, Technical University of Denmark
    Jeppe Revall Frisvad, Technical University of Denmark
    J. Andreas Bærentzen, Technical University of Denmark

    Hyak-Ki Men: A Study of Framework for Creating Mixed Reality Entertainment

    "Hyak-Ki Men" is Mixed Reality Ninja Entertainment in which a player becomes a ninja with special power. The player can enjoy exciting battle against virtual ogres using a virtual katana and throwing stars. Gestural user interface and multisensory feedback effectively augment the feeling of participation to the MR space.

    Toshikazu Ohshima, Ritsumeikan University
    Yuki Shibata, Ritsumeikan University
    Kohei Isshiki, Ritsumeikan University
    Ko Hayammi, Ritsumeikan University
    Chiharu Tanaka, Ritsumeikan University

    Touch-less Interaction Smartphone On Go!

    A novel smartphone touch-less interaction based on mixed hardware and software is proposed. The software application renders circle menu application graphics using smart phone’s screen. The users interact with the application using finger gesture motion behind the camera, which trigger the interaction event and generate activity sequences.

    Zhihan Lu, Umea University
    Shafiq Ur Réhman, Umea University

    A Haptic Device based on An Approximate Plane

    In this study, we propose a new haptic device named HaAP. The conventional haptic devices have only been able to express the sense of force. On the other hand, by using the approximate plane, HaAP can express not only the sense of force but also the sense of touch.

    Anzu Kawazoe, Soka University
    Hiroki Imamura, Soka University
    Kazuo Ikeshiro, Carnegie Mellon University

    Cloud-Based Social Space: An Interactive 3D Social Media Browsing System

    Social space conventionally denotes a physical space with fixed location, allowing people to interact with each other. Nowadays, a social space is extended from a fixed physical location to a mobile virtual space, built by the internet. In this work, we develop an interactive 3D social media browsing system.

    Ya-Ting Chang, Taipei National University of the Arts
    Shih-Wei Sun, Taipei National University of the Arts

    Weighted Integral Rotation and Translation for Touch Interaction

    Touch based interaction is widely adopted in graphical user interfaces for manipulating graphical objects. We propose an interaction method named Weighted Integral Rotation and Translation (RNT) which overcomes the problems in the original RNT which provides an intuitive way to rotate and translate objects by mimicking physical manipulation.

    Gun Lee, University of Canterbury
    Mark Billinghurst, University Of Canterbury