Wednesday, 20 November

    09:00 - 18:00

    Convention Hall Foyer

    Concert Viewing Headphones

    We designed concert viewing headphones that let a user listening and watching to music scope a particular part of the performance that he or she wants to hear and see.

    Masatoshi Hamanaka, University of Tsukuba
    Seunghee Lee, University of Tsukuba

    A Movable Immaterial Volumetric Display

    We have created a movable, limitedly volumetric “immaterial” display. Our prototype is the first mobile, hand-held fogscreen. It can show e.g., slices of volumetric objects when swept across mid-air, or serve as a penetrable augmented reality display.

    Ismo Rakkolainen, University of Tampere
    Antti Sand, University of Tampere

    Enactive Mandala: Sonigraphical Brainwave Display

    We describe dynamic sonigraphical displays of real-time brainwave data reflecting affective and cognitive states. Abstract animations and generative music were designed to represent EEG data in an understandable way. These serve as a basis to self-organize "augmented expressions", which could support tacit communication of affect and mental state.

    Michael Lyons, Ritsumeikan University
    Tomohiro Tokunaga, Ritsumeikan University